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"Oh, it is sad, very sad, that once more, for the umpteenth time, the old truth is confirmed: 'What one Christian does is his own responsibility, what one Jew does is thrown back at all Jews.'"  ~ Anne Frank


For Israel’s Survival,

"Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil" 

~Thomas Mann

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    Great perspective, tell them how it is. We in europe are swamped with useful idiots;in the press, and our is virtully impossible to get a critical comment on islam published on a newspaper in Ireland. That most useful of idiots Robert Fisk is a perceived 'expert' in the field...on covering the killing of the coptic demonstrators recently he not once mentioned the muslim brotherhood.indeed it was just about everyone else's fault; the christian leaders and mubarack's for 'stiring' it back in the spring by warning of islamic backlash.
    ( my latter to the paper was duly ignored, with a large space given to a tale about lots of spiders seemingly about the place.)
    I.t is easy now to understand how the nazis got to power back then, with the suppression and slanting of the press and media..we would be lost without internet site like this. Thank you and thanks to other people like you for that more truthful and insightful sense of what important news... this, that we are in the most serious struggle for civilisation since God knows when

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